ASPIRE Benefits for Business

ASPIRE provides existing networks with a means for engaging effectively with business stakeholders and creating triple-bottom-line outcomes. Identified benefits for participating councils include:

  • Improved education and awareness of waste/by-product resources
  • Reduced waste flows to landfill
  • Contribute to social enterprise activities across the state
  • Provides information to influence regional summary data on inputs and waste resources
  • Identification of opportunities for local amalgamation of resources and new business opportunities.
  • Provision of a value-add service to your business community.
  • Support for business engagement in your region.
  • Supports sustainable economic development.
  • Networking with leading council partners with similar goals in ASPIRE.
  • Improves the operation of sustainable business networks.
  • Provides network facilitators with training in effective economic development practices; tailored match-making suggestions and internet content to end-users, and a means to track sustainability outcomes. 
  • ASPIRE allows councils and networks to collaborate with researchers and co-create innovative strategies for the region and business networks.
  • ASPIRE meets councils waste reduction and implementation and strategic plans. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) are introducing a Circular Economy Policy that is due to be rolled out in July 2020. ASPIRE’s direct outcomes for network members will assist businesses and organisations in complying with the best practice for the policy guidelines.
  • Committing to ASPIRE will give councils the ability to introduce a procurement program for local building permits as well as council-owned property that will assist in complying with best practice for the Circular Economy policy role out.