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ASPIRE creates the foundation for greater collaboration between businesses. This interaction maximises the opportunity for new value creation, jobs, community resilience and


With ASPIRE’s innovative software, we strive to be Australia’s leading enabler of industrial symbiosis: bringing companies together with innovative collaborations, finding ways to use the waste from one as raw material for another.


ASPIRE’s objective is to be a critical enabler of the Circular Economy by empowering businesses to reposition ‘unwanted waste’ into ‘available resource’.  The ASPIRE platform can be the pathway to a more sustainable city and community.


ASPIRE aligns itself with policies and measures to promote sustainable consumption and production. For example, the Australian National Waste Policy 2018 states the importance of harnessing the value of materials, a vision ASPIRE also adopts.


Better waste and resource management helps reduce environmental problems and prevents world pollution. The ASPIRE platform will help businesses address volumes of left-over waste, treating them as resources for reproduction. The diversion of waste from landfill puts climate change into action.


ASPIRE looks after businesses of all scales, providing them with the platform to create business collaborations through resource exchange. With this concept, ASPIRE strives to progressively build a large community in partnership for sustainable development.