ASPIRE – Rongda Group

Creating alternate packaging material from cardboard box waste

Reliance on cardboard boxes for packaging equates to large volumes of waste cardboard circulating throughout the supply chain around the world. While cardboard recycling networks exist, SMEs report that cardboard is one waste product that is still mostly sent to landfill, representing a great opportunity for innovative recycling solutions. One Australian company’s solution lies with its range of cardboard box recycling machines that convert waste cardboard boxes into an innovative recycled packaging material.

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ASPIRE – Viridian and Olympic Polymers

Viridian and Olympic Polymers come together over a shared resource

Viridian (Clayton South) is a specialised glass manufacturer and Olympic Polymers (Moorabbin) specialises in cleaning, sorting and recycling post-industrial plastic waste. They are currently working together to solve a common problem – how to reduce plastic waste going to landfill. The solution is to sort, recycle and save money along the way.

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