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How many businesses are currently on the ASPIRE platform? There are currently 380+ businesses registered on the ASPIRE platform, with ongoing exchange relationships between businesses.
Does ASPIRE extend pass the manufacturing industry? ASPIRE is open to any business and/or industry with the understanding that all organisations produce waste. In order to become an ASPIRE member, a business needs to be ABN or ACN registered.

How do I put my resources up for exchange?

Our platform allows for you to upload your resource, engage in the marketplace and transact listings.

Simply follow the platform prompts to fill in the resource details and upload the listing to the marketplace.

Please access our tutorials here, for in-depth instructions.

How does the match-making system work? The match-making system is an innovative software programming that matches your ‘listings’ to prospective businesses with an interest in your resource. This configures simultaneously with notifications being sent out, whenever a match occurs.

Will I be notified of my matches?

Yes, if a match becomes available, or an offer has been made, both parties are notified via email of the proposed exchange.

Do matches from the entire ASPIRE network show in search results?

Yes, your matches (relative to your interests) will be shown in the Marketplace. Access our tutorials here, for more information on matches the resource marketplace.

Is every resource exchange currently being captured? Yes, every resource exchange is currently captured as part of our tracking and reports feature. ASPIRE members can have the convenience of properly managing their waste resources – generating reports and statistics to measure impact in implementing the circular model.
What is the payment method for transactions? ASPIRE does not settle final payment transactions for resource exchange. These are completed externally by parties involved in the transaction.
Do councils and businesses have visibility of all the products available in their area? Yes, both councils and businesses have access to the resource marketplace. The marketplace allows users to search for resources in preferred locations. 

How confidential is the information provided by the businesses?

All data is confidential apart from the information shared between the business and their participating council. Contact data is not made available to the buyer until the exchange has been accepted. Please see Terms & Conditions for further information on data sharing. 

Are training/marketing resources available for exposure to businesses; i.e. can ASPIRE staff be made available for site visits or training sessions? ASPIRE’s sole focus is on its members – businesses and councils.  We are constantly reaching out to our members to develop case studies for marketing through our channels (and also for you to utilise).


How do I sign up to ASPIRE as a Council? The onboarding process for a Council is completed by an ASPIRE Team Member.

How do my businesses sign up to ASPIRE?

You may prompt your businesses to sign up with our link to our Sign Up here.

Can I give a list of my businesses to register on the platform?

Yes, if preferable, we can provide you with a template to fill in your business’ details. Our technician will prompt respective contacts to sign up. 

Can I track the my business’ activity on the ASPIRE platform? Yes, Councils will be able to see the activity of businesses in their area. However, only analytical data is shown. Eg. The amount of resource listings.

What do the councils get back (individually) for their financial contribution?

The council membership subsidises the cost for businesses that fall under their municipality*. In addition to this, direct council benefits can be found here .


For further information please Contact Us
*Conditions Apply 

Is there a minimum time commitment from each council? For an effective business uptake, in-kind support of 2 hours a week is needed from network facilitators.For the ASPIRE program to form a sound network in your region, a 3-4-year commitment is highly recommended. Please contact us for more information


How many commodities does ASPIRE have on the platform?

We have over 200 commodities on the platform.

How do I upload a resource?

You can learn how to use the platform with our tutorial videos here.

How do I close my resource transaction?

The transaction will be closed once you accept and/or approve your offers. Contact details will be released for both parties to exchange.

I need guidance in utilising my platform, can i book in a demo?

Please Contact Us for more information on platform demonstrations. 

In the meantime, you may visit our channel for ASPIRE tutorials here.