Why Aspire?

As the industry faces new challenges in today’s world where the cost of waste disposal is on the rise. No longer is it cost-effective to send waste to landfill. Neither is it resource-efficient or socially acceptable for environmentally conscious companies not to consider end-of-life impacts. 

ASPIRE has been developed in response to manufacturing companies talking to their local councils about high waste disposal costs, particularly those associated with increasing landfill levies. ASPIRE leverages Swinburne University of Technology, Data 61 & CSIRO’s expertise in industrial engineering and industrial ecology, operations research and information retrieval to build a software tool that identifies potential business to business (B2B) resource exchanges. This typifies the common term “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. ASPIRE is also connected with the concept of the circular economy and adoption of this and industrial symbiosis in the European Union and the World Economic Forum. 

Further information.

To learn more about the science behind ASPIRE please visit: https://aspiresme.com or email info@aspiresme.com

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