What is ASPIRE?

ASPIRE, is a digital tool that assists social business networks across regions, industries and creates business to business collaborations.

The ASPIRE program intends to assist with cost-saving measures for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with the growing issue of waste and disposal costs. In Australia SME’s consist of 98% of the business that operates. To date, the program has focused on the manufacturing sector (which 90% of Australians business are SMEs) in Victoria, with great opportunities to grow ASPIRE outside the field and region. Expanding the program into other states and other sectors such as farming, organic, education and a focus on the construction industry.

For the ASPIRE program to be widely adopted, the platform has been proven to add value to councils, LGAs (Local Government Authorises) by meeting their environmental implantation plans directly as well as assisting in the environmental outcomes of SMEs.

The collaboration of businesses through the platform has seen as a challenge, and it also comes with many opportunities and strengths.

The Background paper – Sustainable Development through Regional Networks – the case of ASPIRE to support industrial symbiosis for SMEs