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Aspire Global Green Tag

ASPIRE & Global GreenTag: Championing Sustainability and Circular Economy


Unlock the Power of Trusted Certification and Collaboration for a Greener World!


At ASPIRE, we understand the challenges our stakeholders and partners face in today’s world, where TRUST in a circular economy and responsible practices are more crucial than ever.

Navigating the complexities of sustainable design, manufacturing, and circular economy practices can be overwhelming enough let alone trusting these claims are legitimate.

Therefore, we’re thrilled to have partnered with Global GreenTag International, a highly reputable product certification organisation, to provide the trusted verification and guidance you need.

This collaboration not only simplifies your journey towards sustainability but also empowers you to make trustworthy lasting positive impacts on the environment and the lives of those around you.

You can be confident that Global GreenTag’s partnership brings unparalleled credibility and expertise given its three-year tenure as one of Australia’s 100 Most Trusted Brands and widely recognised eco-label.

Now with NaturePositive+ Standard™, a groundbreaking development in product certification, Global Green Tag bridges the gap in meeting circular economy goals grounded in biodiversity and regeneration

With the help of their two leading certification programs, they independently ensure every
product is fitness tested and certified.

Together, ASPIRE and Global GreenTag will be by your side as you create a better, greener future for our planet and generations to come!


Fully Validate My Circular Economy Solution


Procurement Australia


ASPIRE has partnered with Procurement Australia to create and champion a different kind of procurement future, one that is more circular and is built on holistic and sustainable supply chains. This means supporting all their members to achieve individual sustainability goals, without increasing costs or resourcing needs, while still being functional and reliable. Together, we aim to empower more Australian businesses and councils to connect and participate in the circular economy.

For over 30 years, Procurement Australia has been one of Australia’s leading procurement services companies. ASPIRE is proud to have Procurement Australia as our founding partner. With partnerships at their core to find innovative and sustainable solutions to procurement challenges, together, we will support their members and suppliers with their shared supply chain goals. Under this partnership, all Procurement Australia members and suppliers will have access to an exclusive subscription discount for the ASPIRE marketplace.


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