One businesses trash is another businesses treasure.

The ASPIRE program (Advisory System for Process Innovation and Resource Exchange) was developed by CSIRO and Data61.


ASPIRE was developed in response to a need from Australian businesses and their local councils who were seeking a solution to their ever-growing waste disposal costs. They wanted alternative ways to generate revenue from excess resources that would otherwise end up in landfill. 


ASPIRE transitioned to a commercial operation in 2019 with the endorsement of CSIRO and Data61 and is currently in the process of expanding across local and interstate networks under a new entity.


ASPIRE currently works with councils and businesses Australia-wide and a number of corporations to provide them with a new way to solve their waste issues.


In March 2020, the new ASPIRE platform was launched offering pioneering, innovative software intelligently matching potential remanufacturers, purchasers and recyclers.