Case Studies

Highlighting a Successful Resource Exchange on ASPIRE by the Kingston Council
We're thrilled to share the latest success story from the Kingston Council, showcasing the power of resource exchange through ASPIRE!
Celebrating a Successful Exchange on ASPIRE by the Kingston Council
We are delighted to share the latest accomplishment stemming from the Kingston City Council, exemplifying the transformative potential of resource exchange via ASPIRE!
Embracing Sustainability: ASPIRE's Impact on Sunshine Coast
This fiscal year (2022-2023) has been a journey of remarkable achievements, as we come together to shape a greener future for the Sunshine Coast region.
Unveiling ASPIRE's Impact: Sunshine Coast 30 March - 23 June
Celebrate our strides towards sustainability: 385.25 tonnes emission cut, 730.9 tonnes landfill diversion, 115 resource exchanges, $383,531.81 savings.
COYO and Dolphin Plastics resource exchange
It is very inspiring to witness Australian businesses making an impact and collaborating towards reducing waste.
Decina Bathroomware and Spinifex Caravans resource exchange
Let's celebrate the remarkable achievements of Decina Bathroomware and Spinifex Caravans Pty Ltd in their timber pallets resource exchange partnership.
Precious Plastic Melbourne
Plastic is one of the biggest environmental threats, so there are many ways to create new life from plastic waste.
Supported by the Kingston City Council, Purple Pear Property Services
Wood is one of the most sustainable building materials and is often used in supply chains as pallets.
Pottery for the Planet and Sideways resource exchange
Cardboard packaging exchange
250+ businesses in the Sunshine Coast region
We are pleased to share key achievements with our partnerhsip with the Sunshine Coast Council.
Sunshine Coast Council successfully exchanged resources
Exchange and reuse of resources helps to lessen the amount of waste that ends in landfills.
Templeton Ginger
Three generations of The Templeton family have been growing Ginger. Exchange and reuse of resources helps to lessen the amount of waste that ends in landfills.
Fast Growers
Fuelled by the obsession to display perfectly sized and other subjective specifications can have a long-lasting economical impact down the supply chain.

The environmental benefits of using sustainable materials in the construction industry are immense!
AB Mauri
AB Mauri Yeast Australia is a food manufacturer of yeast products for industrial baking and retail products such as bread mixes for household breadmakers.
ATECH Recyclers
Australian owned e-waste company, ATECH Recyclers is now connected to hundreds more businesses to purposely re-use electronic waste.
Boral’s discarded plasterboard and McDonald’s coffee grounds are now used by Aximill to manufacture kitty litter.
Casafico is Australia’s innovative manufacturer for building products. The company focuses on designing, engineering, and building homes with sustainable materials.
Close the Loop
Close the Loop (CTL) is an Australian owned resource recovery and recycling company with a global reputation for providing creative end of life product management services.
Polymer Recovery was able to divert 3,000 tonnes of thermoplastics from landfill by connecting to other businesses.
Rotometrics’ chemical waste now traded as a resource to Global Waste Management saving thousands for both businesses and reduced environmental impact.
Australian commercial cleaning supplies manufacturer Enigmaclean reduced their usual waste to landfill by 75%.