ASPIRE joins forces with Noosa Council!


Image source: Condé Nast

We are very excited to welcome Noosa Council to ASPIRE and extend our growing business community in Queensland! This area has been recognised by UNESCO as the Noosa Biosphere Reserve, which also provides a focus for the community’s aspirations to continue living sustainably and preserve the natural environment.


We’re proud to join forces with the Council and help develop a more circular Noosa community and support the local businesses during this transition. As the region works tirelessly towards its targets of achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2026, ASPIRE aims to be the catalyst in helping reduce the waste sent to landfill. Together, we look to support all Noosa businesses to be more resource efficient and sustainable- economically as well as environmentally.


Did you know that if you’re a business with up to a 100 employees in Noosa, you can join the ASPIRE platform for free?


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