Trust and Validation – Crucial Ingredients For Public Adoption of The Circular Economy!


Global Greentag Partnership

One of the key pillars to the circular economy is designing solutions that not only extends the life of material resources but is also beneficial to regenerate biodiversity into its surrounding nature. 
Apart from improving the design of material resources so they can be reused, recycled or repurposed further down their life cycle, facilitating the extension of life is certainly an important aspect of circularity.
ASPIRE’s smart material resources matching ecosystem plays a key role in connecting businesses to help them trade their resources seamlessly.
With the ASPIRE solution, environmental savings impacts are based on actual exchanges within the marketplace, providing refreshingly validated reporting opportunities without any fear of being accused of greenwashing.

Circular economy greenwashing is all too common!

One of the significant hurdles we face in the pursuit of the circular economy is the prevalence of greenwashing. 
Greenwashing allows any brand to claim environmental superiority through deceptive marketing tactics. This phenomenon leaves adopters perplexed and doubtful, unsure of whom to trust. 
Unfortunately, genuine circular brands that are dedicated to making a positive impact suffer as their efforts are overshadowed by linear solutions wrapped in circular claims. This unfortunate state of affairs perpetuates the exploitation of our planet in the name of inauthentic circular economies.

Empowering Trust with Global GreenTag: A Solution to Greenwashing

Global GreenTag International emerges as a powerful tool to combat the greenwashing epidemic and empower professionals and consumers alike. 
By cutting through the noise of deceptive marketing, Global GreenTag ensures that buyers can confidently choose products that genuinely contribute to a greener world. By trusting the label, buyers reward authentic green products with the ultimate prize: Trust.
This trust becomes the foundation upon which sustainable practices thrive and positive change flourishes is one of many reasons why ASPIRE has chosen to partner with Global Green Tag International under the guidance of David Baggs (CGT CEO).


Nature Positive

Introducing GGT NaturePositive+ Standard™: A Paradigm Shift in Certification

This standard is not just another certification system; it represents a paradigm shift in meeting the goals of the circular economy while prioritising biodiversity and regeneration.
Unlike existing certification systems, their NaturePositive+ Standard™ goes beyond by engaging in nature restoration, regeneration, and metrics calibrated against planetary boundaries.
It transcends the limitations of current circular economy practices, life cycle analysis, and supply chain transparency. 
By embracing this standard, businesses unlock a comprehensive framework that measures the full scope and benefits of both natural and technical cycles.
Embracing the NaturePositive+ Standard™ offers far-reaching benefits for all the manufacturers and other circular economy minded clients we attract here at ASPIRE.
If you feel your business is ready to work towards being recognised as one that supports all the three pillars of the circular economy including biodiversity, we encourage you to contact Global Green Tag International.
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